The Tree is a Symbol of Spiritual Life

It was a day of great joy when Bishop Christopher Gregorowski visited Eluvukweni Church in Crossroads to confirm 16 young people. As a symbol of their spiritual growth they were each given a tree to take back and plant and care for  in their homes.

“The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations” Rev 22:2.

A tree needs to be watered in order to live and we need to be watered by the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.  We are not just filled with the Spirit on our Confirmation day . Bishop Christopher taught us a simple exercise to breathe in deeply and to welcome the Holy Spirit as we breathe out stress, or fear, or anger. This is a valuable exercise to keep us filled with the Spirit in our daily lives.

May these trees  be symbols of our spiritual life, but also bring hope into the community of Crossroads, and stand for the hope that the new Church Building of Eluvukweni will bring to many. We are very grateful for the donation of trees from Stodels, in celebration of arbor month.

God for us, we call you “Father.”

God alongside us, we call you “Jesus.”

God within us, we call you “Holy Spirit.”1-bless-tree 1-bishop-with-two-girls

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