International Sunday School Day goes green


International Sunday School day was a great day of celebration at Good Shepherd Church in Kensington (Diocese of Saldanha Bay)

It truly was a day of celebrating children as we focused on caring for God’s creation.

The day started with the planting and blessing of a tree, which will belong the children, they must take responsibility for watering and looking after it. The procession then moved into church, led by the children (some clutching teddy bears) and then the service began.

The children performed  a beautiful dance to the tune of morning has broken  and a very creative drama based on the story of creation, from the Ryan the Rhino book. After he created  each thing, God laughed with great joy and this had the whole congregation joining him in laughter!!

Rev  Rachel Mash, the Provincial Environmental Coordinator was our preacher for the day and she brought down  to us how much devastation we are causing on God’s earth. When we do something as simple as drop a plastic bag, it does not break down and will still be on the earth for 200 years! It can be chewed by a horse, or end up in the sea, where a giant turtle might think that it is a jelly fish and eat it and choke to death.

All the Sunday School teachers wore “Green Anglican” t-shirts and we are proud to be part of this movement. The Church of Good Shepherd is determined to go green – we want to get recycling bins and put in plants all around to make our church an oasis of green in the community.

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