Malawi 1 MalawiFollowing the Lusaka Young Green Anglicans conference, the delegates moved into action fast! They called a National Meeting whereby all Diocesan Youth Chaplains from the four Dioceses namely SouthernMalawi, Upper Shire, Northern Malawi and Lake Malawi were gathered to be briefed on the resolutions made in Lusaka, Zambia. After this they called Archdeaconry and parish youth leaders from Diocese of lakeMalawi, where they were all briefed and they pledged their support towards this campaign of Young Green Anglicans.

They have already identified a tree nursery and will be partnering with Mothers Union and Fathers Union to take this campaign forward. They believe that tree planting should be a key part of their implementation.
“When a child is born a tree must be planted in honoring the birth of that child, the tree must be kept and sustained till a child grows and appreciate his or her tree.
If a child is 12 years old then it means the tree has been there for twelve years this will be historic for a child and a family hence making the church, community and the country go green, green, green and green. This is just an appetizer of what is to come on green campaign”

A meeting was called at the Cathedral where they briefed the young people on climate change and the response of the Church. Climate change is a huge issue in Malawi and is affecting rainfall and crops, leading to hunger. Deforestation is widespread, which leads to soil erosion.

The young people will be involving Bishop Kaulanda in the campaign

Let us pray for the Young Green Anglicans of Malawi as they take up the challenge!
Here in Malawi– we feel the Spirit of the Lord!!!

Shadreck Nyanja

Mike Nambote

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