Mthatha1A vibrant clergy conference was held at St Bede’s Mthatha on the 2nd of May. Almost one hundred people, over 80 clergy gathered to discuss the Mission to care for Gods Creation. They came from Mthatha, Mzimvubu and Mbashe Diocese in the Eastern Cape of South Africa

Rev Dr Rachel Mash led an environmental Eucharist, starting outside and using the Season of Creation Eucharistic prayer – reminding us that “The Earth is the Lord’s” therefore all places are holy.

The Conference was opened in prayer by Rev Gabula, 86 years old who was the first ever Environmental Coordinator in ACSA, and served under the Green bishop, Bishop Geoff Davies in Mzimvubu Diocese. He had the conference in stitches as he mimed the chicken walk – as he challenged us to grow our own happy chickens and not eat chickens tortured in cages who cannot even walk

Rev Rachel reminded us that the first commandment given to the Human race is to care for God’s garden planet, the first Gardener was God and we are made in his image. She then shared some insights into the Eucharist and the Environment, from Bishop Ellinah’s important research. Truly it was a mind opener.

The three Dioceses of Mthatha, Mzimvubu and Mbashe were represented in their numbers, and the Green Team of Mthatha shared a wonderful story of what they have already achieved. Ms Thulethu Ngudle shared how the unemployed can make money through worm farming and making goods from recycled items.

The Diocese of Mbashe has just appointed their first Environmental Coordinator who is the Dean Fikizolo so exciting actions will be coming forth from that Diocese.!

Rev Mandla Rangana shared how his Diocese is taking up the challenge of the environment and to really become green – they have lot of land in Mzimvubu and it can be used to help grow food for the hungry.

The afternoon session was used for action plans: Each Diocese is determined to have a Diocesan team but to also take the Green movement down to the parish level
“Be green in the corner where you are”

Photos: Mandisa Darkie Gumada


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