GrahamstownForty five members of the three Dioceses of Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown and Khahlamba Diocese met for an Environmental Conference held at the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown.

Rev Rachel Mash shared the challenges faced in Southern Africa because of environmental Degradation and global warming. Drought, soil degradation and flooding are affecting the quality of land, and crop production is dropping, affecting the poorest of the poor.
She shared how we can incorporate a concern for the environment in our Theology and in our understanding of the Eucharist

An inspiring presentation was made by “God’s way of farming” showing how if we go back to the way that God farms, using mulch as a blanket and no tillage, we can increase our yields

The Dioceses then divided up to prepare their action plans for the year ahead. The three Dioceses now have task teams and are ready to move ahead. Port Elizabeth has appointed a Lay Canon for the Environment Mel Awu.

Bishop Mazwi encouraged the group with a prayer and words from Psalm 148

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