Protecting our Environmental Heritage


On the 24th of September the Youth from St Bernard Mizeki changed what is usually a  heritage day/braai day to a clean-up and environmental day. The weather was wonderful as everybody was in their different traditional attires. The day start with a morning prayer led by the rector of the perish (Rev. Klass). The group of young people from Sunday school, GBFS, AYF, Sunday school teachers as well as AWF made a difference in the community of Paarl. An environmental competition that was done really showed how environmentally educated the young people of paarl are as they promised to take the resolutions that were made in the recent synod of the diocese.


Some of the promises they made that day including having a vegetable garden, which they believe will help the perish when its hosting church functions to reduce the costs of buying food/veges and they want to utilise the space that is not used in the church buy doing something that is good and will save money. They said the Sunday school class will be responsible for the Garden and they will make that the Garden is always proper.

They also mentioned having Clean-ups at church as well as in the community, Awareness that will teach people about recycling, reducing and reusing. They also mentioned having different bins in their parish for their recycling project which they also believe the money they make from recycling will be used to buy a JOJO tank that will help the parish save on water and also buy energy light bulbs.

The Diocese of Saldanha Bay have just passed a resolution to “Hear the Cry of the Earth”

We applaud the perish of St Bernard Mizeki Paarl for being the first parish that is working towards environmental issues after the resolution was passed.!




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