St Francis – A young man on a mission

20151003_091854A group of intrepid youth (with some “recycled youth”) braved a chilly wet St Francis Day to climb Echo Valley above False Bay coast, to celebrate St Francis Day – the patron saint of environmentalists.

A beautiful hike took place up the valley to the stunning ‘ampitheatre’ of rocks and we held our St Francis service in a wooded glade.

reflecting on the life of St Francis was meaningful as we learned that he had come from a life of great wealth and was spoilt as a youth. Then he was attracted to a life of violence and became a knight.

In his early twenties, he felt the call to radical service of Jesus, and went up into the mountains. He combined a care for the poor, love of the Earth and a desire to transform the Church of God.

What  a challenge to our young people – like Francis, we face the pull of consumerism, others face the pull of gangsterism and violence.  If we can commit to a simpler lifestyle, a life of peace, compassion for the poor and love of God’s Creation, then we, like Francis can have a part in reviving God’s church



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