AYF Diocese of Port Elizabeth

PEThe Anglican Youth Fellowship of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth held their annual diocesan conference on the 18th – 19th of September 2015. Structured to suit the very young group of people, it commenced with a fun quiz about the history of the diocese and of the organisation. Each parish had to choose a person whom they have confidence to know more, ending with an evening prayer, the young people were ready for day two.

A beautiful morning bible study set a theme for the environmental presentation as everything was based on what young could do in their own parishes. Environmental issues seemed to be known by the young people which made the discussions for  Green Anglicans plan of action very easy. A video demonstration was shown to the young people on how media has changed our perception towards creation and how we need to pray and pay attention to nature as well.

The presentation brought a lot of insight and sparked ideas, and the diocesan youth vowed to take the following actions

  • Environmental Awareness and education in parishes
  • Social gatherings outdoors
  • Creation services
  • Recycling and vegetable gardens

Each parish had to participate in a game, which taught them about recycling with the aim of creating better understanding of how to recycle and reuse products. The winning parish received a voucher towards their next Green Anglicans/ Environmental event.

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