March 26 – Walk or Cycle to Work/Church

“Arise, walk about the land through its length and breadth.” ~ Genesis 13:17

Plan a day once a week when you cycle or walk to work or church.

Cycling and waking has become an underappreciated form of transport in the recent years and this is mainly because most people prefer to commute with motor vehicles.  There are several reasons to switch to cycling or walking. The most notable benefits is the reduced strain on the planet and environment.  Motor vehicles cause so much congestion not to mention the global pollution they are cause. Walking or cycling to work or church is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and your carbon footprint.

Problems with motor vehicles

  • Air pollution
  • Increase global warming due to the carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases emitted
  • Car production requires a lot of energy and leaves a giant footprint
  • Fuel production requires extraction if fossil fuels which damages ecosystems. It also consumes a lot of energy and oil spills which negatively affect the environment
  • High demand to build new roads which therefore decrease the green land we need.

So why embrace cycling and walking?

  • Cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change.
  • Reduces air pollutants (walking and biking emit no greenhouse gases).
  • Reduces noise pollution and congestion.
  • Reduces the need for new parking lots and roadways.
  • Saves valuable green space from development.
  • Reduces your ecological footprint.
  • Save money on transportation costs. You will spend less money on fuel and or public transport costs
  • Improved health. Walking or cycling is an easy way to get exercise and it will reduce your chances of developing chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc.

Be part of the sustainability movement by choosing to walk or cycle to work instead of commuting with a car or public transport

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