March 27 – Romantic Candle-lit Dinner

“Nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lamp stand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.”  ~ Matthew 5:15


Whenever we have power cuts in the evening, we mostly opt to use candles. Candles have become an under used utility with technology taking over. Can you remember a time you didn’t have access to electricity? Have you ever thought of the significant amount of people and communities who still do not have access to electricity?

We have become so dependent on electricity that we barely ever think of the people without it and the environmental impacts of electricity in our lives. Today take an opportunity to have a candle lit dinner to appreciate electricity. There are fun ways to go about it and it’s a great way to have a date or a get together with a loved one or friend. An additional benefit is that lighting candles instead of electric lights can help you drastically lower your electricity bill.

How to set up a romantic candle lit dinner:

  1. Send your guest/guests an invitation for the dinner
  2. Keep the menu simple
  3. Prepare their favourite food, do not experiment with a new dish
  4. Set up the table with a beautiful tablecloth, candles and flowers
  5. Switch off the computer, TV and get rid of any other distractions
  6. Set the mood by playing soft music
  7. Switch off the lights
  8. Light the candles (preferably scented)


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