March 25 – Fast from Elecctronics

“Be still and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10


In todays age and time we have become so dependent on electronics that it almost seems impossible to live with these electronics (for example computers, TVs and cellphones). Electronics were made to improve our quality of life and make things easier but it Is no secret that people have gained a great unhealthy attachment to them and to others an addiction to their electronics.

This attachment is growing daily among our peers. It is becoming evident that excessive use off electronics is not good for us physically, mentally and emotionally. People no longer interact with each other even though they are sitting next to each other. How many times have you been to a “get together” yet everyone was on their phone and not talking to each other? How many times have you felt lonely or “FOMO” because of social media? There is a clear need to put a restriction to electronic use.

Benefits of fasting from electronics:

Reduce stress – both your brain and body need to recover from daily activities. Electronics us on a 24/7 mode, which is not healthy for us

More free time – people spend so much time glued to their devices or computer, and loose so much time which they could have spent on something more productive. Time lost is never regained.

Improved mental health – social media allows for feelings such as loneliness, depression, envy, jealously and dissatisfaction to grow. Taking a break from seeing what others are doing or have, and focusing on being grateful for what you have, is important.

Be present and in the moment – embrace the precious moments with loved ones and friends by being present instead of being on your device when you are with them.

Better sleep – Television, computer screens and cell phones give off a light wavelength called blue light, which is similar to the bright midday sun. Exposure to this kind of light in the evening can trick your body into thinking that it’s still the middle of the day, making it hard to get to sleep. Fasting from electronics will therefore improve your sleep pattern.

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