First Sunday of Season of Creation at St Monica’s

The parish of St Monica, Kanana, Diocese of Matlosane started their Season of Creation with birdsong.

Parishioners were surprised to be  welcomed by sounds of forest birdsong instead of a hymn as the service opened.
The sermon was based on Biodiversity: The Choir of Creation, Psalm 148. We were reminded that all the creatures of the Earth worship God, not just humans, and that all creatures are precious in God’s sight.

We received communion  quietly, listening to the singing of birds & forest sounds.

The service ended with the planting of a tree donated by a green Anglican, Mr. Ntseare, who is the main parish interpreter.  The congregation was dismissed from under a large tree and we were sent out into the world to love and care for it.
20160904_075108 20160904_103939 20160904_104752 20160904_104826 20160904_104831Next week the Sunday Scholers will have a procession with drawings of Creation.

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