The Anglican youth of the Diocese of Swaziland embarked on a 450 km challenge to raise environmental awareness around the country. They will be donating shoes, school uniforms and sanitary pads at Anglican Schools along their route.

They started at Mbasheni Anglican Primary school and then moved to Buhleni township which is highly littered. Building on their partnership with the Swaziland Environmental Authority, they conducted a clean up workshop with the local informal traders.  The event was held in partnership with the Buhleni town committee and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The workshop culminated in  big clean up where local residents, informal business people, the Anglican youth  were joined by Students. The students, who are interns with the Dep of Housing, were amazed to see the church getting involved in this way!

The challenge is also a fundraiser for the Diocese to buy a vehicle for its social development.

If you can help in any way, please contact Mncedisi Masuku on

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