Firstly, we would like to give thanks to Ncumisa Magadla who came all the way to join us for this particular event.  Starting at 06:30 in the morning, we opened with Psalms 8 and Ncumisa did the opening prayer before we walked up the hill where we joined together in a circle. zeerust She then gave us a brief description of what it truly means to be a Green Anglican especially considering the fact that we still use Styrofoam for our events which is not a green Anglican practice. We then had a contact session where she asked us various questions about our living situations and if we relate to them, we should move in closer to the circle. This exercise was to show the youth how the environment affects our mode of transport and the way we live. Lastly, Chimwemwe Owambo conducted the “My June 16 in 2017” and you pass a ball of yarn to the next person across you, rather than next to you. This exercise was for Youth to express what affects them most in the country and the with that string of yarn, we are all connected but we need to lift each other up, because it one lets go of their end of yarn, it will collapse.

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