Diocese of Natal Creation Care and the Gospel Conference

Diocese of Natal hosted their one day conference at St Agnes (Kloof) to tackle issues faced up by locals especially after experiencing heavy storms in October last year which claimed lives and damaged property some of it is yet to be fixed to date.
The group met to discuss issues of climate change, advocacy, water, climate change and the church, mobilising children and young people, mobilising churches. These topics were break away session after the main speaker Dave Bookless (UK) spoke about old testament and God’s creation.

A panel made up of Shanice Firmin and Bongani Mthembu from SDCEA,Thoko Makhanya (on women and the environment), Desmond D’sa first briefed the conference of the kind of work they do then answered questions from the floor.

Young people and those young at heart and some clergy split to attend hte session by Ncumisa Magadla and Mandisa Gumada on how to mobilise children and young people¬† also how to use Ryan the Rhino for Children’s ministry.

The day went well, resources were shared, some sold. In all a network of people involved in creation care in the Diocese of Natal was created.
-Mandisa Gumada
(Diocesan Youth Coordinator-AYSA Natal)

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