Green Bishop is granted Archbishop’s Peace with Justice Award


The Archbishop of Capetown’s Peace with Justice Award was established four years ago to “recognise distinguished service and ministry to Humanity, Creation or the Church.”

It was with great joy that the award was granted to Bishop Geoff Davies and his wife Kate for their ministry at the annual renewal of priestly vows of the Diocese of Cape Town. Archbishop Emeritus Tutu was also in attendance

The citation reads as follows:
“ Bishop Geoff Davies, supported by his wife, Kate, has been a pioneer in the church’s environmental ministry.
Bishop Geoff’s commitment, passion and love for God’s creation led him to raise awareness about environmental degradation and climate change at a time when few were listening. He established the Anglican Church of Southern Africa’s Environment Network and represented Africa at the inception of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network. He also encouraged people of other denominations and faiths to be earth-keepers, playing an instrumental role in the foundation of the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI), a multi-faith environmental organisation. SAFCEI have been involved in important advocacy campaigns including anti-fracking, the N2 Wild Coast Toll Road and the anti-nuclear campaign.

For his role in mobilising Anglicans and others to act for ecological justice, selflessly dedicating himself to the people of God and all God’s creation, we honour Geoff Davies for his extraordinary contribution to the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and to the broader Christian and interfaith world.
Photos: Edwin Joshua

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