Diocese of K&K Youth ACTing on environmental issues


Transforming the Diocese’s that care’s for all into Diocese that care’s for God’s creation Guided by the fifth Mark of mission members of the Anglican Communion Environment network strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the earth. Anglican Youth conference continue to be an event that brings together all different Archconries for spiritual worship and commits to take care of God’s creation.

About 50 delegates attended the conference who are now ACTing on environmental issues within their daily lives; we had different views about environment but we managed to reach one goal which is “ taking care of God’s creation” our first commandment “LOOK AFTER MY EARTH” GENESIS 2:15. We dedicated our angelus prayer to environment and talked about how important for young people in the Diocese of Kimberly & Kuruman to be Green and they have listened to “the cry of the earth” and they are committed to reduce their carbon footprint with actions such as:

Cycling or walking,WP_20150822_12_19_37_Pro showering rather than taking a bath, Recycling or Reuse, celebrating Environmental days and they would be aware of climate change and praying for justice and change and the diocese is now praying and preaches about Gods creation through celebrating environmental days. This was indeed an auspicious occasion for all of us who attended and we are now taking an extra mile in making sure that all Anglicans understands what is “Green Anglicans” and I am proudly to say Diocese of Kimberly & Kuruman is now ready to participate positively towards environment.

-Floyd Finger

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