ASF Lesotho takes it to the streets of Maseru

Anglican Students Federation Lesotho cleans the streets of Maseru

ASF members with bags full of litter
ASF members prepare for the clean-up


A cloudy yet warm Saturday morning of the 15th of November 2014, Anglican Students Federation (ASF), Lesotho region got their hands dirty in the streets taking part in protection of God’s creation. Despite the sluggish weather nothing weighed down the students in their clean-up campaign in the streets of Fokothi, Maseru.

Star ‘Star’ Mohaleroe, an ASF Lesotho member reflects on the day’s experience:

The Maseru City Council identified an area for us to clean however considering our small numbers in membership we thought we would be given a small space to work on, but little we knew what was waiting for us. The clean-up was scheduled to begin at 8am and finish at 12 midday, however we finished  just after 2pm. We picked up so much litter, filling approximately 75 refuse bags, from the streets to a close by river. The reason we felt the need to go as far as the river transpired when we saw animals grazing there and it wasn’t far to what seemed like a dumping site. Animals can eat anything with the thought that it’s food while in actual fact it might be harmful to them.
We cleared the rubbish that was clogging the river and left the animals in a peaceful clean surrounding.  All the members had fun and took joy  in being part of such an amazing movement, because it carries a loud voice for protection and love of creation.  Truth is, if we don’t who will? The purpose of this clean-up was to encourage the community especially young people to keep their environment clean and  to show them that it is our responsibility to have our communities clean for future generations and for the existence of animals.
Stop littering!

-Star Mohaleroe

4 thoughts on “ASF Lesotho takes it to the streets of Maseru”

  1. Superb job good Anglicans. May D ALmighty God shower u wth lots n lots of blessings so dt u wl always carry on doing wat s gud 4 d community. I salute machache amatle.

  2. Perekeme Oyoroko

    I am an Anglican from Nigeria. As an Anglican,I am very happy with this news report. It portrays the Anglican students of Lesotho as very hard working people. I believe that the people of Maseru will never forget those students. I pray that God in His infinite mercy should bless the students wonderfully and the entire Anglican family world wide in Jesus name.

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