Arocha: A camp in Nature with God


Arocha organized a wonderful camp at Zeekoeivlei Nature Reserve for 2814572958_1258097170919251_7939514005470102684_n young people from various churches The programme was run by the Capetown Environmental Education Trust.

To spend a weekend in nature and learn all about the eco-system was a real eye opener for the young people. They visited Rondevlei nature reserve, went in a dragon boat, visited the newly re-introduced Eland project and went for a night walk to see the stars.

The wonderful thing is that Zeekoeivlei is right in the middle of the city and provides a green lung for the city. Arocha is a christian organisation which seeks to help people make the linkage between their faith and conservation. So the devotions were led by Rev Shaun Cozett and Rev Rachel Mash of Green Anglicans together with James Irlam from Arocha. As one participant said:

“The best thing about the camp was being surrounded by nature and being able to worship in different ways with all the other young people. There’s always just something profound about being in the presence of the Lord, but even more so in a natural environment where creation seems to be untouched by harsh human impacts”

The young people formed strong friendships and committed themselves to taking the message of caring for creation back to their communities.  These are some of their commitments

“To tell people to look after the environment and actually to go to nature reserves and learn of the creatures that have been living with us forever”

“I am going to transfer my knowledge over to my youth at church and hopefully they will learn about nature as well as how to work as a team more effectively”

“Educate other people and spread the word about how nature and Christianity are linked.”

if you would like to find out more about Arocha and the link between Nature and Christianity are linked, find out more at :


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