Pride of Table Mountain


Pride of Table Mountain is a wonderful organisation that for 20 years has been taking groups of young people and children onto the Mountain, to teach them and inspire them to take Pride in our beautiful mountain.

This weekend the Sunday School children from Holy Cross Nyanga and Eluvukweni Church in Crossroads were given the wonderful opportunity to grow to know and love the Mountain.  On what started out as a rather rainy morning, they arrived in Kirstenbosch gardens for their breakfast and orientation. They then had some fun educational games in the Goldfields centre before going out into the beauty of Kirstenbosch and heading up to the contour path as the sun broke through.

The Pride of Table Mountain guides are outstanding young people who first went with school groups and caught the bug! They volunteer twice a month to take groups of children and to teach them about all the bio-diversity that there is to enjoy in this floral kingdom. You cannot protect what you do not know, and the children are committed to taking care of the mountain for the future generations20161022_104814

A huge thankyou to Pride of Table Mountain for treating the our Sunday School kids to this wonderful opportunity!

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