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The Anglican youth southern region of the diocese of Namibia held their annual conference on the 2nd -4th of October 2015 in Luderitz.  Arriving early morning on Friday the conference commenced with a morning prayer and an official opening for the weekend.

With a huge attendance from the southern parishes the environmental talk became an important and close to home topic to the young people as they have experienced environmental changes over the years.

Green Anglicans sparked a lot of interest to the youth to a point where the planned presentation was put aside and discussions over IMG_20151004_165228 local issues were a priority. Interest groups were then formed after the presentation to meet casually to discuss action plans for all the environmental issues that were tagged as urgent.

Saturday the conference split for a clean-up, some went up to an old church and others went to the streets Luderitz.

As a way forward the southern region decided to on the following actions:

  • Environmental Services
  • Environmental education
  • Environmental office within the executive
  • Work with the diocesan environmental coordinator

The youth committed themselves on reducing plastic use as it’s still free in the country and create an awareness on its effects on the environment. The reality of selling livestock still continues as it’s becoming more expensive to maintain a farm. All of these have been identified as priority issues and will be looked at.

2 thoughts on “Young Green Anglicans of Namibia”

  1. Excellent, beautiful God’s work. God gave us a beautiful earth with all its beautiful trees, light, water, grass and many others. So, it is our responsibility as the people of God to take care of our beautiful God’s Creation, Genesis 1&2.
    We eat all the resources of the earth from trees, flowers, beautiful lawn/the green grass. Above all, we all stay in God’s beautiful land/earth/universe. We are so blessed.

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