Young Anglicans of the Diocese of Libombos clean up Maputo 

The Anglican youth of the Diocese of Libombos has developed actions to raise awareness in the communities as well as in the Municipality of Maputo (City), as the main objective of reversing the current situation in which the environment finds itself. The city of Maputo has as main problem the Sanitation, the city has most of the ditches of sewage drained of garbage, also in several points of the city has litter scattered, in the Bay and in the Beach. And this time the Youth, more specifically the Maputo District (Maputo Anglican Youth Office), chose the Costa do Sol Beach, where they collected bottles from the beach, for this activity, Youth counted on the Support of the City Council of Maputo City and the Environmentalist Dr. Carlos Serra and also the MIRAMAR Television that covered the event in order to show the impact to the other provinces of the Country. This is a Continuous and Non-Profit Project, so any Material as well as Financial support is welcome.

-David Junior

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