Walk for Earth Day

St John’s , Walmer in the  Diocese of Port Elizabeth celebrated Earth Hour on the 29 March by a walk from Skoenmakerskop to Sardinia Bay and back. The walk is held regularly in commemoration of Earth Day and appreciation of creation.  The walk started with prayers and meditation led by Bishop Eric Pike.  About thirty people completed the walk of  roughly 8km, which included activities like picking up  litter and other seaside remains. Although the day was scorching hot, it was life transformation for many, one of the participants, Tim Douglas Jones who was part of the event described the concern he felt at seeing the amount of litter thrown onto the trail and the beach.


We would like to share with you the beautiful prayers led by Bishop Eric which you might want to use on any occasion.


This we know: the earth does not belong to us.

The earth is the Lord’s and so are all its people

This we know: we did not weave the web of life.

The earth is the Lord’s and so is all that breathes on it.

This we know: we are called to till and work the earth.

The earth is the Lord’s and so are all who work the land.

This we know: that we are called to take care of creation.

The earth is the Lord’s yet we have polluted and abused it.

This we know; that whatever befalls the earth

Befalls the sons and daughters of the earth

This we know: that the earth is the Lord’s

And so we will serve Him in it


(Ray Simpson)

More Environmental Prayers
Lord God our Father
P3290599Let our walk this day
Full of beauty and brightness 

Lord, hear us

That we may know
Your presence and your peace
Lord, hear us 

That we may experienceYour grace and your glory
Lord, hear us 

That we may be at one
With you and your creation
Lord, hear us 

That we may be aware of you
In and through and above all things.
Lord, hear us

(David Adam Adapted)

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