Using Sport to save the Environment

The Diocese of Lebombos in Mozambique had the brilliant idea of using Beach Volleyball as a fun way to encourage beach cleanups.

A clean up was held on the Beach of Chambone Mission with the youth from Saint Michael the Archangel Church and the Blessed Virgin Mary of Chambone.

After the clean up they took part in a fun beach volley ball tournament

Rev Aurelio Uqueio

Mais uma Jornada de Limpeza foi realizada está manhã na Praia da Missão Chambone pela Juventude de S. Miguel Arcanjo de Maguiane e da Bem-Aventurada Virgem Maria de Chambone. No final da jornada foi realizada um jogo de Voleibol. Desporto em defesa do Meio-Ambiente. ( Vitória sem Vencido)….

Another cleaning journey was held this morning at the beach of the mission chambone by the youth of s. Michael Archangel of maguiane and the blessed virgin Mary of chambone. At the end of the journey a volleyball game was held. Sport in defense of the environment. (victory without won)….

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