Christ is King of All the Earth

Arriving at All Saints Church in Somerset West on Sunday the Congregation was greeted with the unpleasant sight of household plastics strewn around the Altar. The Rector in his Homily referred to the great Feast of Christ the King, saying that respect for the Creation is respect for Christ the King.

Destroying, annihilating and polluting the earth, rivers, lakes, seas and skies is tantamount to destroying, annihilating and damaging the Image of Christ in Creation.

The Rector called on all Parishioners to become more conscious of how much household plastics we use and how we dispose of these items. The congregation was urged to take very seriously the re-use and recycling of all non-biodegradable items.

Christ is Sovereign over the earth, the Church, our hearts and spirits.

Photo credit All Saints Somerset West, Diocese of False Bay

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