Tuesday March 3

Properly maintain major appliances and use reasonable temperatures. Fill your empty fridge space with water and the freezer with ice.


“By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen fast”  Job 37:10 

 For most people the fridge is the item in the house which uses the second largest amount of electricity because it is on all the time. Here’s what to do:

Switch on ‘Energy saver” feature if you have one..

Many fridges have small heaters that keep moisture from forming on the cabinet. This can be turned off with the “Energy Saver”.

Set the temperature for only as cold as you need it.

Fridge should be 36-40F, and the freezer should be 0-5F (-17 to -10C).  To test the fridge temperature, put a thermometer in a glass of water in the center of the fridge and leave it there for 24 hours. To test the freezer temperature, put the thermometer between two frozen packages. If the temperature is colder than needed, then set the fridge to a warmer temperature.

Don’t put hot foods in the fridge.

One to two hours of cooling off time will definitely make your refrigerator work less.  You can greatly cool items by putting them in a container and soaking them in a pot of cold water for 15-30 minutes, which means they can go into the fridge faster if you are worried about them going off..

Thaw frozen foods in the fridge rather than on the counter.

They’ll help cool the fridge as they defrost.

Pick a good spot for the fridge.

Position your fridge out of direct sunlight, and away from the oven. If you cant then  make sure there as at least 2″ of space all around to allow for circulation.

Door Openings.

Every time you open the door you are wasting electricity as the fridge tries to cool down the whole room!

Defrost your freezer regularly

More frost makes the freezer work harder.

Cleaning the coils helps a little.

The coils are the winding black pipe either on the back of the fridge, clean with a brush or vacuum.

Make sure the gasket/sealer is in good shape.

If parts of it are coming off,then cold air is escaping, re-attach it with  adhesive.

Replace your fridge

Older fridges are incredibly inefficient  pre 2001 fridges use 1400 kWh a year, while a modern energy-efficient model uses only 350 kWh — a whopping 75% reduction.

 Find out how much electricity does my refrigerator use?


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