Monday March 2

Meat Free Monday
Check your tyre pressure, under inflation can cause a 5% decrease in petrol mileage, releasing more pollution.

Time to re-tyre!

 You’ll travel safely, you’ll neither tire nor trip. Prov 3:23

We often don’t think of tyres as being an environmental issue. By maintaining them properly you help conserve the energy and resources that would go into making new ones, save petrol, and reduce the problems created when they are thrown away. Tyres are bulky, do not decompose and provide places for mosquitoes to breed.

Tyre trivia

It takes half a barrel of crude oil to produce the rubber in one lorry tyre

Worldwide every year 3 billion tyres, yes 3 billion! are  discarded

What to do?

  • Keep your tyres inflated. This preserves the life of the tyre and can improve your fuel consumption by 5%.
  • Ask your tyre dealer if they recycle, if they don’t then say you will buy from the one that does!
  • When you change your tyres, change to radial, they do improve mileage
  • Recycle! Producing recycled tyres saves 70% of the energy it takes to make them new. They can be used for carpet padding, sporting goods, and added to playgrounds and running tracks.
  • Re-use tyres for community projects They can be used for creches, for foundations for planting veggies!


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