A group of young people from different denominations in Cape Town started an ecumenical group during the Season of Creation (1st of Sep to 4th of October). The ecumenical group was started by youth and environmental sustainability champions from the Anglican, Catholic, Dutch Reformed, Lutheran, and Methodist churches.  They called the group #together4creation to show that they would continue working together after the season of Creation.

On the first of September they held a virtual opening prayer service to celebrate World Day Prayer for Creation and the launch of the 2020 Season of Creation.  One of the main highlights was a testimony from Ms. Katleho Lucas who sadly lost her father early this year, but through doing some gardening, she has come to heal and feel connected to her late father. The Guest speaker for the event was Fah Kululekani from the Lutheran Church.

A competition was also started “reduce, reuse, repurpose” to come up with new ideas on how to reuse plastic items.

The various youth chaplains also prepared a short environmental message for each Sunday during Season of Creation. The young people prepared a video for the Season of Creation as well.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle #Repurpose

Poster by : John-Paul Roberts & Dominique Yon


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