The Archdeaconry of Holy Cross, Mzimvubu looks at the “Importance of our environment”

Throughout the conferencMichelle and rev ranganae, the 12th of September 2015 focused on the environmental talks as Christians, which green Anglicans were invited to host this program. Michelle Sheyi and Sibusisiwe Shezi (Green Anglican interns) as well as Rev Mandla Rangana represented the Green Anglicans for the day. The first set of presentation was set to elaborate on “who are Green Anglicans” and what is required of us as an Anglican community which was well presented by Michelle. A small workshop followed on looking at what the diocese of Mzimvubu can do in becoming environmentally conscious, all the groups were well presented and came up with grate ideas that can be used for their lifestyle as issues in urbanized areas differ from the rural setting.

The following sections was followed by a presentation on “Ryan the Rhino” by Sibusisiwe as part of useful resources in educating people about the important of our environment. The main focus for this section was to involve the younger group as well as give out ideas for their next environmental event in the future. The response to the resource book was great, and have requested additional copies of the book, the only challenge with the book is the language barrier, and they have suggested if it is possible they can get it in isiXhosa, however in the mean while they are more than willing to use it in English. Not only did the presentation was drawn to the younger crowed but it also accommodated everyone Rev Mandla  Rangana concluded the day with an intriguing presentation on the theological perspective of the important of the environment, he took as into a new journey that most of the crowed were never exposed to yet we are familiar with.
The clergy that was present were very pleased with the information which they found it to be refreshing and important to their daily lives as leaders of the church.

This was followed by a number of items that the young people wanted to share with us dancing, singing and performances with their angelic voices and God sent talents which was well received by the guests. Overall the response was fantastic and the Diocese cannot wait to implement these ideas and are already planning for the future and have invited us to come back again not to lead the event but to part of the event and to see their progress as they are taking this very seriously and as well as to hpresenterave fun

We would love to thank the Holy Cross Mission for the warm welcome they gave us and accommodating us, it was
truly a blessing and a
successful event that was full of knowledge and very inspirational to the team as well. Would also like to send our utmost gratitude to the Diocese of Zimvubu for the invite and opportunity for having us in this eventful day. Not only did we leave people who were pleased and passionate about the environment but we left our new found family as we were told to return back to our new home soon. Wish them the all the best with the rest of the year and for the future.

– Sibusisiwe Shezi & Michelle Sheyi

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  1. As the secretary of the Development Committee of Holy Cross Mission, I would like to say the 104years celebrations of existence of Holy Cross Mission were very successful especially when the youth gathered during the celebrations and had a fruit full conference. Even other denominations that were present like Methodist Church of Southern Africa, Zion Church, AME, Roman Catholic and others are still proud of the youth of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. God Bless.

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