Tasty Indigenous Food

Try to experiment this Lent! Lose the junk food and try out some recipes made from local products.

Indigenous cuisine is food based on products obtained from native species of a specific area. There are traditional recipes but also some modern recipes to try!

Africa’s staple diet – Mealie meal: Did you know this is not indigenous to Africa? Mielie meal, comes from the Portuguese milho. It was originally brought to Africa from the Americas by the Portuguese.

Sorghum on the other hand is indigenous to the continent’s savannas and there is archaeological evidence in the Sahara of the use of sorghum dating back 8,000 years.

Sorghum is as nutritious as maize and has high drought tolerance. This makes it a resilient option for farmers to plant under changing climatic conditions.

Ask your Granny! Talk to the older generation and ask about vegetables, especially greens that they eat traditionally. many of these can be harvested for free as they grow.

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