You may wonder what Swanazumpu means? It is when young Anglicans from the four Diocese of

Swaziland, Natal, Zululand and Mpumalanga join together !

They gathered at a consultation in Mbabane 22-24th June 2018 to discuss matters affecting youth ministry in these diocese, to be trained on leadership and also raise awareness. Part of the consultation  was to focus on God’s creation hence the decision to plant 4 trees representing the four dioceses of the youth cluster. A short presentation was done by Mandisa Gumada on the importance of trees and water which was used to plant the trees, Revd. David ZUngu blessed the trees then each diocese planted their own tree. Since trees were planted in Swaziland it was then decided that the youth from the diocese will take care of all the trees on behalf of the 3 outside the borders of eSwatini.











Mandisa Gumada


Diocesan Youth Coordinator (Natal)

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