Season of Creation in Swaziland – Every believer should take care of water


The Diocese of Swaziland hosted its Season of creation service in the open 20161008_111413 under a tree in Manzini (one of the biggest cities in the country) Millennium Park by having a Eucharist service. The Diocese of Swaziland invited all member churches under the Council of Swaziland Churches in their service. The service started with a procession from St George and St James Anglican church to the park (about 500m).

Bishop Ellinah (who is the current chairperson for ACEN and Bishop of Swaziland) in her sermon insisted that we are the temple of God thus good things should flow from us as she related to the river of life in Revelations 22 that flowed  from the temple. The theme of the day was water. She stated that sustainable Development Goal 6 advocates for clean water and sanitation for all. Rivers  are polluted by improper waste management, deforestation has led to soil erosion that leads to dam siltation. Wastage of water is also an  environmental challenges in water availability. She invited every believer to be an environmental steward and take good care of water which is important even for our baptism as Christians. She then officially launched a plastics artwork competition by Mothers Union and Anglican Women Fellowship where winners will get Rocket stoves which are also friendly to the environment.

The relationship between the Anglican Church and Lutheran Church in fighting Climate Change is getting stronger. Bishop Mnisi of the Lutheran Church was part of the service and co- celebrated with Bishop Ellinah. Bishop Mnisi came with other members of his church, mainly youth. Bishop Mnisi in his address stressed the importance of keeping wetlands and water sources protected and in its natural state so that streams will flow consistently (he cited an example of one community that has protected its streams for years). Speaking on behalf of Council of Swaziland Churches encouraged all member churches to join the Green Movement introduced by the Anglican Church.

The Diocese of Swaziland is also working with the Government in Environmental Protection through Swaziland Environment Authority (SEA). In the service SEA was invited to give  a talk. Shabalala of SEA  said the church can play a major role in environmental protection as it has the capacity to deal with the spiritual being that can control the physical being from acts that destroy the environment. Speaking on the theme (water) she said God created water first before anything else because man and entire ecosystem need water for survival. She also gave some national water regulations laws within the country and neighbouring countries.

Bishop Ellinah, Bishop Mnisi and SEA delicate officially awarded Mncedisi Masuku his certificate of achievement in the Active citizen Program. The Active Citizen Programme in an initiative by Anglican Youth of Southern Africa where the youth was encouraged to participate in different categories (Environment, social outreach, education and entrepreneurship). Masuku was awarded position 1 on the environmental category. Masuku was encouraged to keep up the good work and thanked for flying  high the flag of the Diocese.

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