Reducing your environmental impact at a Christian Conference

Christian Conferences and Environmental Justice:
Reducing your environmental impact – Lessons from the Justice Conference SA

The Justice Conference South Africa attracted 970 participants. One of the commitments was towards environmental Justice
Here are the steps that were taken practically to do that.
Based on feedback from our 2017 conference, we made a commitment to reducing our overall environmental impact. We committed to going greener and are so proud of the way we reduced our collective impact and learnt together about more sustainable waste management.
1. Outsourced our on-site recycling and composting
management to Waste-Ed and Green Anglicans
2. Reduced overall number of meat-based meals (and eliminated red meat)
3. Switched to sugar cane compostable food packaging and utensils
4. Eliminated all individual printed programs and increased our digital communications pre and during
5. Ensured our coffee was Fairtrade, all single serve sugars and stirrers were composted, eliminated
cans and only used glass softdrink bottles
6. Ecobricked half of our Mixed Waste, diverting 20kgs from landfill

We will be offsetting our carbon footprint with some greening initiatives over the next year. Thank you for
joining us in this commitment to do justice to the whole of creation!

Valerie Anderson

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