Anglican Communion recognises Climate Emergency #ACC17

Anglican Consultative Council passes Environmental Resolution at #ACC17

The Anglican Communion Environmental network presented two workshop and took part in a market stall event. The youth reps embraced Green Anglicans!

The Anglican Consultative Council:

  1. recognises that there is a global climate emergency
  2. encourages Member Churches to make the Fifth Mark of Mission, ‘To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth’, a living statement to our faith, and calls upon Member Churches to:
    1. promote a day during the Season of Creation as a day of public repentance
    2. develop an action plan and resources for sustainable living at individual, parish, diocesan and provincial level; including policies and procedures to minimize waste, increase use of renewable energies, and incorporate creation care into liturgical practice
    3. prepare a Lenten Fast for Creation
    4. hold strategic planning conferences on the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change, ensuring the involvement of indigenous, youth and women’s voices, and to report back to ACC18
    5. identify environmental and climate-related threats in their context and to develop or adapt existing tools on disaster preparedness and mitigation. 
  3. encourages the organisers of the Lambeth Conference 2020 to make the conference as environmentally sustainable as possible.

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