Plant Kindness and Gather Love

On Saturday 23rd July 2022 the Green Teens from Holy Cross Anglican Church in Nyanga East , Cape Town. Organised a clean-up  and planting session with the help of young from our parish.

The planting took place in the church premises. During the planting session, the Green activists took an opportunity to educate those attending  on the importance of planting and maintaining a healthy and green environment. We did all of this because without plants, essentially all life would starve to death. Strategically planting trees can have tremendous benefits on the environment. Not only will you help restore life quality in your community, but it positively contributes to the  environment and help fight the crisis of climate change and also set an example. Therefore, planting a tree is always a good idea.

The whole experience made us feel better about the environment, and taught us to be able to take care of what takes care of us. It was also a way of us helping the wildlife flourish which wasalso vital for the planet’s survival.

By: Khalipa girls
Photo Credit: John-Paul Roberts

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