The Anglican Communion Environmental Network and Anglican Alliance organised a seminar on the Fifth mark of Mission. Archbishop Julio opened the session with a challenge on the Fifth Mark of Mission

Mandisa Gumada, Diocesan Youth Worker from Diocese of Natal, South Africa was interviewed by Rev Dr Rachel Mash

Impact of Climate Change

Just before Easter, the City of Durban was hit by a ‘rain bomb’ where six months worth of rain fell in two day. 500 people lost their lives , and there was a lot of mud slides, so many bodies have still not been found. hundreds are still living in halls which puts the girls at risk of sexual violence.

Green Anglicans responding to Climate Change

We know that climate change increases drought, but we often dont understand that as the oceans warm, it leads to more flooding and disasters. Young Green Anglicans are involved in clean ups (plastic waste blocks drains causing flooding), eco system restoration by planting trees and pulling out alien vegetation. They are involved in environmental education – and have manuals for youth and Sunday school. And they connect young people with nature through hikes and camps – you will protect what you love!

Message to the Bishops

Be present at the young people’s events whether it is a clean up or a tree planting. Appoint someone in the Diocese – an Environmental Coordinator, Chaplain or Canon, so that the youth can work directly with them and they can bring information to chapter.

Final message?

What actions are you personally taking? In the words of the late Archbishop Tutu – Do your little bits of good where you are – it is those little bits of good when put together that overwhelm the world

.Photos – Elizabeth Perry

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