Plant a confirmation tree continues: Baobab Mission Parish

The Diocesan Green Anglicans team of St. Mark the Evangelist continued their flagship program,
Plant A Confirmation Tree- for the second time. The confirmation candidates plant a tree after
the bishop’s blessing. The program is aimed at “Bridging the gap between environmental and
spiritual sustainability”. By planting a tree the candidates symbolically declare to give their roots
to Jesus and to build their lives on Him (Colossians 2:6-7). Efforts to nurture the tree gives surety
that the candidates will also nurture their spiritual lives against all odds.
On the 3 rd December 2017, Bishop Martin (accompanied by his wife Colleen Breytenbach,
popularly known as MmaBishop) visited the Baobab Mission parish to conduct
confirmations. The Bishop was accompanied by Green Anglicans Chairman and Treasurer,
Makwetsa Ramusi and Ompha Malima, respectively. The confirmations took place at St. James’
church at Kgapane, Limpopo (98 km from Polokwane).
The objectives of the program were explained to the congregation and the urgent need for
environmental protection was emphasized. The team further reiterated the church’s
commitment and interventions to curb environmental degradation and how all parties could be
involved. The team presented the tree to Bishop Martin and named it St. James of Kgapane. This
was followed by great exuberance from the congregation! To double the blessing, St Peter's in
Letaba Parish (neighboring parish to Baobab mission) also donated a Baobab tree which would
be planted during the week. The baobab tree is beneficial since it conserves water in its trunk,
this is vital in cases of drought.
After the procession the Revd. Ron Reiners (priest in-charge) blessed the ground the and the
Bishop blessed the tree.The tree was handed over to the confirmation candidates to plant as the
congregation observed cheerfully. This marked the beginning of a spiritual journey rooted in
Christ and steadfast in the faith.



-Ompha Malima and Makwetsa Ramusi

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