Launch of Protect False Bay Campaign


The Diocese of False Bay is named after a Bay in the Indian Ocean. This bay is blessed with warm water and an abundance of sea life, including whales, seals, dolphins and sharks. It is popular for its beaches.

However the Bay is threatened with pollution – the beaches get covered with plastic pollution and polluted water from rivers.

False Bay needs to be protected and on the 13th of December, the Bishop of False Bay , Bishop Margaret Vertue was joined by the Chaplain of the Anglican Youth Fellowship, Rev Gugs Ningi, the Green Anglican team and young people and Sunday Schools from St Andrews, Strand, St Mary Lwandle, St Peter’s Khayelitsha,, St Josephs, Macassar  and St Philips, Gordons Bay.

The day started with Bishop Margaret  opening with a prayer . She asked that as we clean up we must take the time to hear the cry of the helpless creatures that cannot protect themselves from our pollution.

Rev Rachel explained that there are two ways to help protect the seas – reminding us that fish , birds and whales see small pieces of plastic and think they are food. Then their stomachs get full of plastic and they die of hunger.

Firstly we can pick up litter to stop it getting into the Seas. Then we can put pressure on the companies producing single use plastic and get them to stop. For instance spur has just changed their after meal sweets which used to be covered in plastic now they are covered in paper.  So we will see which are the most common brands we pick up and send photos to those companies telling them to stop using so much plastic.

The day ended with a nice refreshments and kids and some of the Green Anglicans team playing games on the beach and taking a dive after all the hard work of cleaning the beach and enjoying it.

God blessed us with such an amazing planet and he trust that we will protect and keep it clean and safe for others and future. It is always an amazing  when people come together to keep the planet clean as It is our job to protect False Bay.

The Diocese has many churches that are close to the False Bay Coast and we trust that they will join this campaign and #protectfalsebay

If you  would like to get involved in organising a clean on the beach near your church please contact Auriel September [email protected]  or Canon Rachel Mash [email protected]

Kagisho Petlho


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