Diocese of Swaziland (Eswatini) leading the way in Environmental Issues


The Diocese of Swaziland Youth held a conference at St. Michaels girls School Manzini Swaziland from the 13th to the 17th of December 2018.

Bino Makhalanyane the Provincial Green Anglicans Youth Coordinator was invited to address the conference, and his address acknowledged that the Diocese of Swaziland remains one of the greenest dioceses within the Province of ACSA with young people at the centre of care for creation, as this was proven by winning the Provincial Youth Active Citizenship Green award in 2016. The Diocesan youth enjoy the greatest support from the Diocesan Bishop, Bishop Elliana, who’s also the liaison Bishop for Environmental Network in the Province, “ during my short time with you here at this conference I have witnessed a mother’s love from the Bishop and I would like to challenge you that you return the love by also supporting her in her role as the Environmental Network liaison Bishop, by making this Diocese the greenest dioceses”, said Bino to the conference.

Climate change is real and Southern Africa remains the most affected and with the Diocese of Swaziland being the neighbours to Mpumalanga (world’s biggest air pollution contributors), eSwatini youth are at risk as the country relies on agriculture for survival. The Young people of eSwatini need to find ways to champion issues on Climate change for survival and sustaining our African and Christian customs.

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