Launch of Environmental Desk at St Cyprian’s Langa

St Cyprian’s is going green!

On 3rd of September during the Season of Creation St Cyprians Church in Langa launched its Environmental Desk under the leadership of Ms. Nandie Mandongana, an Environmental Councillor, in the Parish Council Committee.

This came after 5 Members of Green Anglican teens attended a Workshop at St. Thomas, Rondebosch which was organised by the Province led by Rev. Rachel Mash, Bino – Makalanyane and J.P. Roberts, the Media and Communications Officer.

The Green Anglican teens of our Parish could not wait when they were from the camp, they took Rev. Tshatshu, the current Priest in charge at St. Cyprian’s Church, LANGA, into task.

He also did not hesitate to sell the idea to the whole congregation after consultation with the Parish Executive Committee. The idea was warmly welcomed by the Congregation. The 3rd of September is one of the remarkable dates at St. Cyprian’s as this is the date when the Environmental Desk was launched!!

The activities of the day left almost everyone who attended, so motivated and informed about the environmental issues that are not affecting our Parish Community only, they are the Global issues. The presentations from our Environmental Club were superb!! Mr. Zukile Malusi, educated us on how to start the vegetable gardens, how to maintain them and the health benefits of having such gardens in our communities.

This was followed by an Educational Presentation by Kanyisile Vena, a Marine Research Technician” highlighting very useful information on careers that are available in the Department of Environment, with more emphasis on marine environment. “Our marine life is highly threatened by human activities and the situation is expensive and takes long to reverse”, those were Kanyie’ closing remarks.

This left our Youth (St. Cyprians., St. Columba and Holy Cross Green Anglican Teens) open-minded about their career choices to save our environment.

Langa Community was not left behind as the Church was honoured to have an informative presentation from the City of Cape Town, Mr. Dingaan, on how to save our environment who also left a source document (book) He also promised to assist the Church whenever a need arise as long as it will save our environment.

The arrival of Mr. J.P Roberts was a cherry on top as he brought some plants as a gift to St. Cyprian’s Church. Thanks to our Programme Directors Sino Makawula and Sine Ndlwana who, after the speeches, led us to the Vegetable garden, a legacy of the environmental desk, with the aim of improving the health of Langa residents through its organic produce.

Rev Tshatshu blessed the garden before planting took place. A proper guidance on the logistics of planting was given by Mr. “Zuks”Malusi to our Elderly women, Mrs Ramatlakane and Mrs.Tena who hope to be the first recipients of the produce (spinach) during harvesting time in November.

The ceremony was closed by a delicious meal prepared by Nomonde Toko, one of the Parish chefs. St. Cyprian’s is optimistic that other Parishes will follow suit.

Nandie Mandongana


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