Anglican Church of Southern Africa pledges support for the Communion Forest

At its Provincial Standing Committee, ACSA passed a resolution pledging support for the Anglican Communion Forest


Noting that the Communion Forest was launched at the Lambeth Conference

The high levels of land degradation in Southern Africa

The importance of creating green spaces in order to:

  • Create shade especially as we will  suffer increased temperatures  due to climate change
  • Create green spaces for rest and recreation
    increase biodiversity
  • Offset carbon emissions and reduce air pollution

This PSC pledges its support to the Communion Forest and requests each Diocese to:

  • Commit to tree growing , not just planting – trees need to be watered and cared for
  • Incorporating tree or plant growing as part of confirmation process
  • Incorporate tree or plant growing  as part of baptisms, marriages, funerals, patronal festivals, conferences and other events

Proposer: Bishop Vicentia Kgabe Lesotho

Seconder: Rev Nitano Muller False Bay


Several Dioceses have already launched the Communion Forest, in this picture we see the Diocese of Mthatha Youth Executive planting palm trees at their Diocesan Youth Conference

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