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Let go and let God

On the 3rd of September the Anglican Youth Fellowship in the Diocese of False Bay held a conference at St Peters church in Khayelitsha. Green Anglicans were invited to present to the conference.

John-Paul Roberts from Green Anglicans did a bible study reflection with us on the book of Nehemiah. Touching on the aspect that like Nehemiah, we as young people need to lament the struggles that our fellow young people face because of the destruction of our environment, living in pollution, lack of clean water, air pollution and the like. To understand that in the story of Creation God made all things good, but we have broken it and made it bad. 

JP inspired us as young people to see the context that we live in and see where we can act and what needs to be rebuilt so that this generation of young people and those to come may enjoy the beauty of creation, and just like in the story of Nehemiah the wall was not built by one professional builder, but all the communities helped in rebuilding the wall. Likewise, we need to work alongside our communities, and other organizations, civil servants and seek to fix what is broken.

Green Anglicans has shown us that the young man and woman of the church are the future of tomorrow and the future of the church.

We as the youth and adults of tomorrow hold a big responsibility not only to the church but on how we build a brighter future for our young ones looking up on us, how we treat the creation of our earth is important as we are saving the world for tomorrow.

When we let go and let God as the youth, we are saying that we cannot put old wine into new wineskins as we have to have to bring new thoughts to the brighter future of tomorrow and make it bright.

We were also empowered by other guests Mrs Bathandwa Dabula (former AYF member and now MU member), Lakhe Booi (Diocesan AYF Chairperson), Mel Awu (UCT Sport Administrator and International Toastmaster & ANSOC Coordinator for CPUT, UWC, UCT). We were blessed as well to have Bishop Margaret come through and say hello.

Kagisho Phetlo and John-Paul Roberts


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