Green Anglicans joins World Environment Day Commemoration in Eswatini

The commemoration of world environment day held in Royal Vilas in Eswatini was a success as different stakeholders within the environment sector were in attendance. The theme for the day was beat air pollution. The Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs made a recommendable work by refusing use of paper for the programme and his speech was a soft copy. He emphasised on the individual efforts towards environmental stewardship as call for all by God.

The Green Anglicans were represented by 3 young Green Anglicans, the Youth President from African Methodist Episcopal Church, our partner in environmental stewardship and Rev. Wandile from the Anglican Church who did a wonderful opening prayer. The prayer by Rev Wandile was the  talk of the day as even the minister asked to be emailed it. Below is the prayer:

Praised be our God by all creatures especially our brother the Sun which brings us the day and the light, fair is he, and shinning with very great splendour.

Praised be our Lord God for our Sister the Moon and for the stars which God has set clear and lovely in heaven. 

Praised be our Lord God for our brother the wind, and for air and cloud, calms and all weather by which God upholds life in all creatures.

Praised be our Lord God for our Sister Water which is serviceable to us and humble and precious and clean. 

Praised be our Lord God for our Mother the Earth which sustains and keeps us. And yields diverse fruits and flowers of many colours and grass.

Praised be our Lord God for our Beautiful land Eswatini which is lovely, gentle and peaceful, dressed with mountains, hills and valleys, streams and rivers which shows the beauty of God. 

To our manifold and numerous offenses against the earth, water and air, we humbly ask God for pardon, forgiveness and absolution. May God grant us a grateful heart that will take care of all that God has created, hands that will tend and protect the environment. 

Finally Lord we beseech you to bless, and prosper with your continual help this gathering that all works begun, continued and concluded in goodness we may bring praise to your name and out of this place we may be good ambassadors of nature preservation 

All this is prayed in the name of God who creates and sustains. In  Jesus name our Lord


Mncedisi Masuku

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