From Illegal Dumpsite to Childrens garden


#beatairpollution #worldenvironmentday

The Anglican Church of Eluvukweni in Crossroads saw that the local Philani Creche had become an illegal dumpsite for waste and rubble. This was causing a health hazard for the children, with flies,dirty nappies, and all sorts of stinking items. They contacted the local municipality and after quite a few phone calls got the rubble removed. 
After Church they went and cleaned up and planted some indigenous succulents that do not need too much watering.
The following week, with some visitors from the US, they went and painted a lovely mural of animals, and planted more succulents. They donated watering cans to the children.. The children were so excited when they came to school on monday and saw the surprise mural!The children are learning to care for plants and are enjoying taking turns to do the watering! What we learn is that one off clean ups dont work. You need to replace the rubbish with something beautiful. Reduce , reuse, recycle REJOICE!

We appreciate the support of CTEET and the Table Mountain Fund for this programme

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