Going Green in the Western Cape

Going Green in the Western Cape

The Environmental Coordinators of the western Cape Dioceses – Capetown, Saldanha Bay and False bay, together with key youth leaders met together to plan how to mobilise their churches around environmental issues.

False Bay decided that they would try to identify all the clergy who have studied the environment so that they can be invited to preach around the Diocese. They would like to form partnerships with local environmental agencies. They will identify those who are already moving and work towards them implementing the five steps (greening their land, reducing water and energy use, having environmental services and doing an outreach project).

Saldanha Bay: They would like to identify big days throughout the year. They will try to twin churches so that they can work more efficiently. They will have some Green Sundays – identify key environmental dates. They are keen to reduce paper use both at parish and Diocesan events.

They want to educate clergy and lay leaders to become more aware. They will be implementing Sunday School teacher training (using Ryan the Rhino manual)

The Athlone group are keen to form a cluster. We need to have broader representivity at our Diocesan environmental group so we need to find an MU rep and a youth rep to join us . we need to roll our Ryan the Rhino further.  We would like to assist with greening Diocesan events such as the soccer tournament or Anglicans ablaze, assist with packaging and alternative foods.

A joint event will be the upcoming “Earth Festival” which will showcase talent with a talent competition. there will be stalls, music and lots of wonderful entertainment! This will take place on 4th June at All Saints Belhar


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