Conservation KZN has many different types of Conservancies: urban, rural, farming, schools, residential estates, protected areas, coastal and even landfills.

But history was made recently with the launch of South Africa’s first faith-based Conservancy in Durban.

Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Hindu and Muslim faiths agreed to work together for the good of the Durban inner city and its communities.

The new Conservancy will focus on the improvement of green areas and parks, waste and fresh water management, street lighting, and cleanliness of the environment generally.Approximately 25 people of different religions and denominations gathered around a Wild Olive Tree in the Napier room of the Denis Hurley Centre on 14 February. Andrew Warmback from St Pauls Church who is the chairperson,  gave a brief background into the launch of an Inner City Faith based Conservancy. Rob Crankshaw, CEO of KZN Conservancies Association addressed the group and Councillor Joyce Johnson represented the Mayor’s office. This is the first faith-based Conservancy in South Africa. It demonstrates that Conservancies start with communities, not just with environmental activities.

Various faiths gathered for a blessing around a Wild Olive tree that would be placed in the Nadal Meditative Garden of the Denis Hurley Centre — at Denis Hurley Centre.conservancy 2 conservancy kzn

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