A nuclear victory!


The Western Cape High Court declares the nuclear deal with Russia unlawful and sets it aside.

On the Eve of Freedom day and significantly on Chernobyl day Judge Lee Bozalek ruled in favour of the case brought by the Southern African Faith Communities Environmental Institute (SAFCEI) and Earth Life Africa.

This is a true David and Goliath Moment. Congratulations to SAFCEI on their hard work and faithfulness

Earthlife-Africa Johannesburg and SAFCEI launched their nuclear court case in October 2015 when they realised that the government was preparing for a nuclear power procurement deal in secret. The court case has been pivotal in exposing arrangements for government’s proposed R1-trillion nuclear deal which they believe were entered into unlawfully. ELA and SAFCEI allege that processes of nuclear deal decision-making including the signing of agreements with Russia and the Section 34 Determination to procure nuclear power, were not done in accordance with requirements for lawful and constitutional adminstrative decision-making.

This court decision raises serious roadblocks in the government’s and Eskom’s rush towards making the nuclear deal a reality.

It reinforce our demand that that accountable government should be the cornerstone of South Africa’s hard won democracy.
For further information, contact Liz McDaid (SAFCEI) on 0827315643stop trillion

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