Creation is not for Sale- Anglican and Lutheran youth come together in creation

IMG_20170603_140046The Showe and Swaziland Circuits of the Lutheran Church Young adults’ league had a conference on the 3rd of June, 2017. The Lutheran Church celebrated its 500 years of reformation and declared that Creation is not for sale. In Swaziland the Lutheran Church partnered with the Anglican Church to address climate change issues. Mncedisi Masuku the Green Champion in the Diocese of Swaziland was invited to present on “Positioning ourselves as young Adults in the face of climate Change”

In his presentation, Mncedisi stated that the Lutherans need to go back to being keepers of the earth as God positioned humans in Genesis 2: 15. He has also stressed on how the young adults’ age group is the one that is raising a generation of consumers that care less for creation. He also presented on theological principles that have influence on how environment is treated such as the dominion theology, prosperity theology, escapist theology and the salvation. He stressed that crucifixion of Christ on the Cross was to reconcile the relationship not only between man and God but also man to man and man to the environment (John 3.16, God loved the whole world).

As the Lutheran Church declared that creation is not for sale, Mncedisi highlighted on the culture of consumerism where people keep on shopping even if there is no need. It was noted that natural resources and the environment suffer more in the face of consumers and people with the shopping culture, so we need to stand as the church and make it practical that creation is not for sale.

-Mncedisi Masuku


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