Cape Town Diocesan Youth Camp: Care for Creation

“Many young people at one point of their lives are trying to find the answers to the problems created by the men who God created.” – Anonymous
On the weekend of the 25-27 July 2014, young people around the Cape Town Diocese gathered at Manyano Campsite in Paarl. CT Youth campThis assembly was to have fun and get young people talking about the issues they saw as key areas for the Diocese to focus on at the Synod in August. This was pretty slick that the Youth had invited the Green Anglicans Environmental Network team to presenting about Young Green Anglicans and things to consider for the young people to partake within the diocese.

The Anglican Communion states that the fifth mark of mission is ‘to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation in sustaining and renewing the earth’

What makes a Young Anglican Green?

  • Worship: – organise green events at church or youth to celebrate the environment.
  • Personal lifestyle: – reducing their carbon footprint with actions such as; Transport, Water, Electricity, Litter and Simple lifestyle- is worth living Jesus did.
  • Action and Advocacy: – a Young Green Anglican would inform themselves about issues like green energy, fracking, nuclear power as well as get involved with local clean up days and any campaigns about the environment.

God created us to take care of his earth and not for us to destroy it – Jason (Cape Town Youth)

Things To Consider When Hosting An Event:

  • Have a green team
  • Have bins for Cans, Paper, Plastic, Compost and non recyclable waste, e.g. Styrofoam.
  • If possible make an A5 booklet rather than loose one-sided paper.
  • Make sure of the numbers so food is not wasted.

-Jonathan Hobosch

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