At the Southern part of Cape Town lies the beautiful False Bay, home to dolphins, seals and whales, surfers and swimmers. It is a treasured part of Cape Town life where many go to spend family time on the beautiful beaches and the warmer waters of the Indian ocean.

On the 5th of December members of the #together4creation group organised a #bigfalsebaycleanup  at five different venues across the 33 km wide bay; Muizenberg, Mnandi, Macassar, Monwabisi and Strand..

Gen 1:20  “Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures”. This coast does indeed teem with swarms of living creatures. But when they see small pieces of plastic, they think that it is food and swallow it. When their stomachs are full of plastic they get no nutrition and so can die of hunger. God has called us to be keepers of the earth and so part of that task  is to stop pieces of plastic from going into the ocean” Said Rev Rachel Mash

Over 200  people took part from 25 churches; Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Lutherans, Dutch Reformed Church, Jubilee, one Spirit, and others.

In Khayelitsha we were joined by 10 Cuban doctors and the clean up ended up with a dance festival! The group from Muizenberg were sent a message from the former Miss Earth (who was in isolation) “remember it is the little things that we say that won’t cause damage  that are harmful to sea creatures”

Other partner organisations took part such as the Ocean Awareness group and Surf instructors who gave information about marine pollution and water safety. On some of the beaches nurdles were found – these are tiny pieces of plastic that look like eggs and are a huge risk to marine life.

The #together4creation group was born during Season of Creation, when young people from different churches joined forces to organise an online service for the world day of prayer for creation on the 1st of September. They decided to continue working together on an ongoing basis, inspiring other churches to join them

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